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character stuff...

have to redo this, because ijournal ate it. >:(

that's blake. he's probably the most normal character out of the bunch. well, aside from the tail and fur and stuff. he has a real job, a car, a house, etc... there's no real reason for him to be around, aside from the fact he has a tendency to wander blindly into bad situations. he tries to be a good guy, go with the flow, but it only seems to get him into more trouble. and he's a doormat. people walk all over him. honestly, it's a wonder how he manages to go without maiming or killing people.

and marty right there. bad picture, though. sorry. :\ ...he's a whore. literally. he's an underaged, transvestite prostitute. isn't that awesome? he's a bitch for the most part, too. he's mean. flat out sadistic sometimes. but he'll slip up and feel guilty now and then (did i mention he's catholic?) and will buy blake food to make amends when he goes too far with his meanness, and take in stray amnesiacs when jimmy gives him the puppy eyes. he hates it, but deep down, he's just another hooker with a heart of gold. aw...

p.s. these are the two in the mini-comic.
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